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How do movers charge?

We at Movers Folsom charge by the hour with a 3-hour minimum charge. After the 3-hour minimum, we prorate our time so the time won’t be rounded up. How much you will be charged depends on a number of factors, and you can find out the exact rate by requesting a free moving quote from Movers Folsom today.

Will movers take my bed apart?

Our movers at Movers Folsom will disassemble and reassemble your heavy pieces with our own tools at no extra charge.

When do movers start charging?

Once our movers arrive at your location, we will start charging until the moment your move is completed at full. We don’t charge anything to get to your location or to get back to our warehouse once your move has been completed.

Are movers licensed?

We at Movers Folsom boast the needed licenses to conduct your move. You won’t ever have to experience stress or worry when moving with Movers Folsom as we have been in the business for decades and have devoted a lot of time and attention into constructing the best moving solutions for our clientele.

How many movers should I hire?

Depending on the size and complexity of your move along with a lot of other factors, our moving advisors at Movers Folsom will suggest the best number of movers to send to your relocation. Two-man teams can usually handle smaller moves such as studio or one bedroom moves, while everything above might require more manpower to conduct. This all depends on the unique circumstances of your relocation.

Can movers move in the rain?

We at Movers Folsom have trained, dedicated and competent movers that will provide you with an impeccable service even with some rain in the way. They will bring additional padding materials to keep your items intact during the process.

Can movers hold your stuff overnight?

Moving companies can sometimes offer convenient temporary storage of your belongings which can be useful for more complex moves. Our capacities at Movers Folsom are currently full.

Will movers pack for you?

We offer a lot of packing options for you to choose from depending on how much stuff you need us to pack on your behalf. More information can be acquired by giving us a call.

Will movers move IKEA furniture?

We at Movers Folsom do move IKEA furniture with no issues or additional charges, but we do strongly advise our clients to have their IKEA furniture already disassembled before our movers arrive.

Why hire professional movers?

Moving on your own can require a lot of time, effort, energy and motivation and if one is missing – your move can go south quickly. Hiring professional movers means less tasks on your to do list and a complete peace of mind from start to finish as they know exactly how to handle your move in a successful manner.