10 cities in Sacramento CA to move to!

Sacramento and its suburbs are an amazing place to live in. Often ranked among the best places in America to live in, and also ranked for its diversity – Sacramento is one of a kind. If you love constant fun, endless amenities, museums, art, sports and a bustling nightlife – you will have exactly that no matter where you go. With abundant green spaces, parts, trails, lakes, and rivers to enjoy, you can spend time outside during most of the year and take in the amazing weather that is a prominent characteristic of this part of the nation. What is there not to live? If you need some assistance moving to Sacramento as you might not be sure where exactly to move to – check our top 10 list below.


Being recognized as one of the best places to live for years back, Davis is known as a college town, and amazing for many more reasons than one. With abundant eateries, a frenetic nightlife and a strong sense of community, you will love moving to this student and family-friendly community that is also bicycle and pedestrian friendly. Spending time outdoors in Davis will be your favorite pastime.


If you are moving with your family and looking to move to a community that is safe, offers amazing education, and a strong sense of community – Rocklin is calling your name. Considered to be one of the best places in the nation to raise a family, Rocklin is the perfect community where you will have everything you need at your fingertips while never having to leave your neighborhood.


Rocklin’s neighbor and sister, Roseville is a beautiful place to move to. With amazing schools just like it’s sister suburb, a lot of unique restaurants to visit and family-friendly amenities to explore on your day-to-day, you will love the community vibe Roseville gives off.

Elk Grove

A safe community perfect for settling down with your family or raising one, Elk Grove is known for its nationally recognized schools, abundant shopping opportunities and exquisite restaurants that are simply a must-visit. Packed with parks and playgrounds for children, you will have a lot of fun spending time with your family in this true suburban neighborhood.


Folsom is an amazing community. Not only does it have the best local moving companies, but jokes aside, Folsom has been recognized as one of the best places to live multiple times. Folsom is a thriving place with family-friendly amenities and a lot to do. Not to mention that Folsom has some of the best schools in the country, Folsom Lake College – and a strong sense of community.

Granite Bay

Located on the west side of Folsom Lake, Granite Bay is home to many corporate executives and families, making it an ideal community to raise your family in or move to for amazing job opportunities. With many parks to explore, you will find a lot of trails, boating opportunities and outdoor spaces to spend most of your days at.  

Fair Oaks

Located just across the American River, this historic town is known for its Fair Oaks Chicken Festival, and its wild chickens that are always spotted around town. This unique community is everything but boring, with a lot of local businesses, restaurants, things to do and events that are held regularly. This town is truly one-of-a-kind.

El Dorado Hills

El Dorado Hills is an amazing place to live. Formerly known as housing for the local aerospace industry, El Dorado Hills has grown into a residential community for professionals working in Blue Shield and Intel. The Town Center is where you will find a lot to do, places to eat, movies to catch and sights to see. With multiple festivals and annual events, you will never experience boredom when living in this vibrant community.

La Riviera

 Located just next to the American River Parkway and Sacramento State University, La Riviera has several parks that offer abundant water activities and tons of fun during every part of the year. Not only is it close to downtown Sacramento, but it is a short drive away from the wine country areas around Sacramento – offering a convenient location and tons of things to do as well.  

Gold River

If you are an active person that tends to lead a healthier lifestyle, spend time outdoors and live in an extremely safe community with breathtaking views – Gold River can offer just that and then some. With 23 miles of biking and walking trails, Gold River is home to some of the best outdoor spaces in Sacramento. Not to mention the extremely suburban vibe Gold River gives off, with warm neighbors and a lot to do.